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Union Pacific Train Dispatchers

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UP Dispatchers

Information on UP Train Dispatcher Organizing

The American Train Dispatchers Association, ATDA, is an AFL-CIO affiliated organization founded in 1917 that currently represents all of the nation’s Class I train dispatchers except the UP.  Additionally, the ATDA represents not only train dispatchers but also assistant chief train dispatchers, power supervisors, power directors, trainmen, engineers, maintenance of way, and yardmasters on Class I, Class II, Class III, short line, passenger and commuter railroads around the country.   The ATDA is the most qualified to represent the Union Pacific train dispatchers.

We have developed this webpage to make it easier for you to directly ask questions and get answers that will help you make an informed decision.   Even if you don’t submit a question, come back and check this webpage often to read the questions that other UP train dispatchers have asked and other posts that the ATDA has added.

Latest UP Train Dispatch News

  • Union Pacific CEO called to hearing in Washington as risk of rail strike rises

    The Surface and Transportation Board is calling Union Pacific management including CEO Lance Fritz to appear at hearings about the freight railroad’s use of embargoes. The request for testimony comes as rails and labor unions move dangerously close to a strike which could shut down the national freight transportation network. The STB hearings are scheduled… Read…

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do the Class I Railroads’ have anything in their Collective Bargaining Agreements to help resolve unsafe jobs with too much territory? From a Train Dispatcher in Omaha, NE
A: Yes, all of ATDA Collective Bargaining Agreements with the Class I Railroads contain the 1937/1979 National Agreement. This Agreement provides any Train Dispatcher or their Representative the right to bring to the attention of the management, any condition or practice involving safety in train dispatchers service, or involving working conditions of train dispatchers to include but not limited to: Adequate force, rest days, extent of dispatching territory, privacy and elimination of noise and interference. This Agreement establishes a Joint Committee, comprised of 3 labor members and 3 carrier members, to study and resolve such disputes. All decisions of the Joint Committee are binding on the parties.

Q. Can you be fired for submitting an Authorization Card , A-Card? From a Train Dispatcher in California
A: No. Under the Railway Labor Act, employees are guaranteed the right to organize without interference of management, the right to determine who shall represent them, and the right to bargain collectively through such representatives. Any violation subjects the offender to punishment.

Ask Us About UP Train Dispatcher Organizing

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