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The ATDA stands with Jay Rodgers

Cleveland, Ohio – The ATDA would like to express its heartfelt support and unwavering solidarity with our brother, Jay Rodgers, as he fights for his life against a health condition. Jay is a member of the CSX System Committee and currently serves as its Atlanta Division Vice General Chairman. His impact upon ATDA and its members, however, extends far beyond his most recent role.

Having previously served as ATDA Vice President and CSX General Chairman, Jay has contributed at nearly every level of the Organization. He’s a union representative to the core, who loves defending our members, talking about the importance of the labor movement, and even debating the nuances of contract language on his back porch. In a show of support for Jay, ATDA President Ed Dowell said,

Jay Rodgers is one of the best union advocates I know. His word is unwavering, and one thing I’ve learned, is that there is never any doubt if Jay Rodgers has your back.  Without his support I would not have been elected Vice President in 2011, and I wouldn’t be where I’m at today. Now, he and his family need my support, and they can count on it.”

Jay, WE ARE THE ATDA, and we stand with you in this fight, like you have stood with us.