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ATDA news

Rail Unions Endorse the INVEST in America Act

On behalf of the undersigned rail labor organizations, we write today to express our strong support for H.R. 3684, the INVEST in America Act. This legislation would have transformative impacts across the rail industry and the nation, benefiting rail workers, consumers, travelers, and the broader economy. We applaud Chair DeFazio and Chair Payne for a bold approach to our national rail system.

ATDA news

Benefits of Being an ATDA Unionized Railroad Worker

Being a Unionized railroader has distinct advantages. The attached video provides some basic information about how railroad Unions function and what they do for you. This video also highlights the importance of having a contract and the role the Union has in enforcing it.

ATDA news

How Freight Rail is Courting Catastrophe

Workers are sounding the alarm that drastic cuts in employees and maintenance in order to increase profits are tempting fate. Read the article.

FRA – Emergency Order 32

Here is the link to Emergency Order 32 Here is the link to the US DOT FAQ page Here is a link to the CDC for the CDC Order and FAQ’s

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Support the REEF Act

We are writing to you to ask you to support the “Railroad Unemployment Equity and Fairness Act (“REEF Act”), S. 4860, sponsored by Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) and Amy Klobuchar (D-MN).
The REEF Act ends the unfair sequestration of Railroad Retirement Sickness and Unemployment benefits for railroad workers who become unemployed or sick on the job.