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ATDA Representatives Participate in FRA Eastern Region Safety Meetings

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – ATDA members Craig Duncan, System Treasurer & Vice General Chairman from the NS Integrated System Committee, and Chris Pardini, Local Chairman from the Amtrak System Committee, participated in meetings with the Federal Railroad Administration and other Rail Labor leaders in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, from April 23-24. The FRA-hosted event was designed as a step toward better engagement of labor representatives from railroads in the Eastern United States. Among those in attendance were FRA representatives, including senior leadership, discipline subject matter experts, and safety management teams.

Through group and breakout sessions at the event, the ATDA representatives advocated for the Organization’s members on a variety of Train Dispatcher-related topics. These included FRA hours of service, co-mingled service, and mandatory directives issued without Dispatcher authority.

Commenting on the event’s value, Duncan said “What an incredible experience being around so many FRA safety professionals from all over the country and the industry experience of all labor representatives who attended. The message was clear that we are not alone in this fight for railroad safety and accountability.” Duncan also went on to point out the current administration’s labor friendly approach, by saying “Thank you to Mike Long, Director of Outreach Programs and Engagement and Administrator Amit Bose for the opportunity to meet and engage with so many FRA safety professionals. Their staunch support and willingness to include labor in future regulations and laws speaks volumes to their commitment to both our craft and our members.”

Through such opportunities, the ATDA is empowering members to take on leadership roles and to amplify the collective voice of all members within the United States government.